Bob Alkire Consulting –

I am an experienced electronics design engineer with a diverse collection of skills to design analog, power systems, RF, digital and FPGA, embedded systems and firmware. I’ve worked on emerging technologies at top research centers such as HP Labs, Atari, Apple, AT&T Labs, Sun Microsystems and Interval Research.

Often I work with a number of specialists with deep expertise in RF, high speed design, high density PC Layout and complex mechanical layout. For example, I have designed an RF module and have brought in an antenna specialist to optimize the antenna design.

I have experience in all phases of design, from concept through design, PC Layout, enclosure design, prototype build and bring up, surface mount rework, manufacture test and compliance testing. I strive to understand the customers goals and priorities as soon as possible and design to those goals.

I am a native born US Citizen and located near Silicon Valley. I can work direct or through an agency.


You can contact me through email. Please indulge me here as I really want to get your email but I won’t see it if my email is full of SPAM. We know that emails are of the form <name><at symbol><domain name>, for my email the <name> is info and the domain name is on the first line of this site. Alternatively, I can be contacted through linkedin. Once contacted, I can provide a more suitable email address.

Capabilities and Tools

Items marked with † are tools that I have licenses for or own.

Work Samples

Most of my work is under non-disclosure agreement and cannot be shown. A few projects I worked on were publicly available and licensed as such. I've provided links to the design content of these projects as examples of work done.


My previous website was modern, had slick navigation and it looked like a lot of other websites. It didn't reflect my style as a design engineer. So I redesigned the site to be simple but no simpler. I'm not opposed to use of imagery or graphics, just opposed if it doesn't add content.

The way I see it is that books remain a remarkable technology, a simple black typography on white paper yet what they can convey is staggering. Many websites are designed as if they were children's books, they are full of imagery but little content. It is as if the form is rampant and the function forgotten.